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"It may draw influence from The Chemical Brothers and Madonna’s Ray of Light, with throbbing bass synth and electronic percussion propelling a rapturous rhythm. Yet, “Lose My Mind” is tainted by something more sinister".

"The song’s focus oscillates from more pared back and intimate, with Coenen’s lullaby-like vocals and graceful piano playing driving things forward, to an expansive swell of percussive elements and flickering guitars that slide in for support. The eventual retraction is just as seamless, as Coenen clears the air once again before concluding the song with a rush of strings and delicate harmonies."

"Like a cyclone, "Cycles" sucks in cross-genre elements, devastating and rebuilding them into a driving frenzy of sound that elicits uncontrolled emotion at every turn."

"You get a broadly cinematic air as the track unfolds, but rather than the sometimes-claustrophobic template you’d associate with the Bristolian legends mentioned above, Draw instead has a more intimate yet still sombre sound that still feels expansive and electrifying."

"Trapped by ebbing inspiration and repetition, 10:17 is a song of distraction and yearning for change, a creative rage struggling to be released."

Band of the Month, May 2019 & September 2014

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